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Micky Dolenz


Micky Dolenz is best known as drummer and vocalist for the pop group the Monkees. In a career spanning more than fifty years, Micky Dolenz has distinguished himself as actor, musician, director, writer and most recently visual artist.  "A few years ago, while studying physics in England , I was struck  by the beautiful images captured by the electron microscope, and those images are what I am depicting. I describe my work as still life of things you can't see." "I do careful research for my art, not to ensure that my images are technically accurate, but to ensure that they are aesthetically so."

In addition to heir keenly developed aesthetic, Mick's work shows an understanding and appreciation of the social and environmental issues confronting the modern man.

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Micky Dolenz "72 Me"
Price: $325.00
 Micky Dolenz "72 Me"
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Micky Dolenz "Conjunction"
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Micky Dolenz  "Conjunction"
Micky Dolenz "Hood"
Price: call for availability
Micky Dolenz  "Hood"
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