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Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett is best known as a revered singer. Tony Bennett is also a visual artist, working under his family name of Benedetto. The painter is an alter ego to the performer, living out a passion that is personal and introspective.

Ever since Anthony Benedetto, at the age of five, began drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalks of his hometown in Astoria, Queens he has had a commitment to art that has flourished. With his standing over five decades as one of the premier entertainers in the world, he finds time to paint every day, sketching the view from the windows of his hotel suite or out in the countryside’s to which he travels. He has a special bond with his ancestoral Italy, rendering nostalgic landscapes of Rome and Tuscan countryside. He also paints American scenes, leaving his heart in sometimes unexpected places, like Akron, OH or Clio in the California mountains.

Tony Bennett began formal training as an art student at the School of Industrial Arts (now known as the School of Art and Design) in Manhattan and continued his studies with private studios and teachers throughout the years. A self-proclaimed "museum freak" he visits museums and galleries all over the world, especially during his extensive concert tours.

Tony Bennett has experimented with a wide range of subjects, has studied the intricacies of various styles, and has learned from the masters. His body of work reflects an awareness of the history of art and the artist`s continuing passion for enjoying and creating that which is universally recognized as beautiful.

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Tony Bennett "St. Thomas"
Price: $15,000.00
Tony Bennett  "St. Thomas"
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